Hi, my name is Sarah, and due to some wonky brain chemistry, I have the incredible gift of being bipolar. Don’t worry, I’m medicated, so I can almost pass for a normal human.

I was diagnosed in 2011—I was 19—after going over 80 hours without sleep. I experienced full-blown mania, and even got a free psychotic break in the package deal.

Looking back on my childhood and adolescent years, it is amazing I made it to 19 without being diagnosed. I am positive exercising and playing sports year around is what kept me sane, though, my crazy did rear its head numerous times.

I’m medicated now, and I’m actually a pleasant person. My default mode is no longer set to Jerkface. By necessity, I’ve become very attuned to my moods, my body, and my emotional needs, which has been invaluable in this journey.

I started this blog because I feel like my stories and insights could be helpful to others who are touched by mental illnesses. I hope my stories are relatable and also bring levity to tough situations when appropriate.

I also started it because I love writing; it’s relaxing and releasing. My happy place is sitting in front of my computer and writing.

The blog is called Between Two Poles because I love puns. I feel like I sometimes fly haphazardly between the manic and depressive sides of my beautiful illness.

I don’t care that most people don’t see it as beautiful. For a lot of people it’s just a hassle and something to be avoided at all costs. I lost several friendships because of my diagnosis. Those people didn’t give me a chance, and those sorry suckers are missing out.

Some aspects of bipolar are painful and gut-wrenching, but my screwed-up brain chemistry also gives me incredible highs and sustained bursts of energy.

My psychiatrist is amazing, and I’ve been on the same medication since my diagnosis. The medicine I’m on has zero adverse side-effects, and it works very well. I’m a completely different and better person.

This blog is filled with stories about my illness, but also some completely normal tales about someone who is trying to get through life like everyone else.


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