Welcome to my den

Hi! And welcome to my site “Between Two Poles.” As the tagline suggests, this blog will be about the highs and lows of mental illness, and bipolar disorder in particular. You can find my story of being diagnosed as bipolar on the “In a nut shell” page located in the menu.

The reason for creating this blog is elaborated in my first blog post “It’s only fitting…” But I can give you a teaser here.

I have felt a calling to help people understand my illness more fully; minimizing the stigma surrounding it in the process. I also would love for this to become a site where people who have bipolar disorder can read more about the illness and how I have learned how to cope with it.

I will probably discuss some hard topics, but I’m hoping this site brings light to the misunderstood illness. I love to laugh, but I love making other people laugh more. I have some funny stories, and I’d love to share them with you. This could be a fun ride. Let’s see where the tales take us.

P.S. You will find polar bears all over this site, and there are a couple reasons for this. One, Bear is my nickname; and two, it’s punny.