My take Fridays: My take on dogs (Part II)

On Fridays I will choose a topic on which to give my take. Take being a nice word for opinion. I will simply share my thoughts on whatever random topic comes to mind. I look forward to seeing where this section leads us.

My post last week about dogs was the story about how I got Harper; I didn’t really go into what I think about dogs. This week I will tell you more about Harper and why she is the epitome of a good dog.

Harper gets excited about everything.

She’s ecstatic when she knows she gets to go outside.

She can tell when we are going on a run, and she about pees herself from excitement. She’s smart and notices when I have my running shoes and running hat on, which are dead giveaways.

She can also discern when we are going over to my parent’s house, and she loses her mind every time. As soon as I grab my duffel bag to go to my parent’s, she jumps up and down and groans with excitement. She goes up on her hind legs and raises her front paws as if she wants to give me a high five.

“Hooman!! We go to BIG house?! We go now?! I luv u for taking me there! I am soooo excited!” (Harper’s spelling and grammar isn’t very good; PE is her best subject.)

Even if I am just walking into the next room, Harper thinks we are going somewhere. If I sit still long enough, she finally chills and goes to sleep. She’s a very light sleeper, though, and her hearing is ridiculously sharp; I so much as adjust how I’m sitting and she’s up and ready to go.

Harper is pretty in-tune with me. I wasn’t feeling well the other morning, and she came and laid beside me in my bed. I hadn’t been sleeping well, but I slept more restfully for another hour or so. She was still next to me when I woke up.

Comparatively, if I am feeling fine, she gets very excited when I wake up in the mornings. She puts her paws on my bed and sometimes accidentally paws me in the face.

“U awake hooman?! Hurry up! Why u go so sloooow?!” (Writing dialogue for Harper is one of my favorite pastimes.)

There have been times when I’ve been visibly upset; crying and the like, and Harper will come put her face in my face. I can tell she is confused as to why I’m upset. It’s as if she thinks I forget that she loves me and that I am her best friend.

However, Harper is decidedly and completely useless when it comes to her judging guys I go out with. They will come over, and she has loved every single one. As long as they rub her head, she loves them. It wouldn’t be the biggest deal, but most of the guys end up being losers, and she is entirely unhelpful. She’s a terrible litmus test.

She’s still the best, though. She has brought a new level of excitement and joy into my life, and I love her very much.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, right? Harper sure is one of mine. She’s the only one (minus my dad) who willingly and regularly goes on runs with me. She never complains about running, and she has boundless energy.

Sometimes it seems like we were made for each other, in which case I guess I should sarcastically thank the idiots who abandoned and likely abused her. She’s mine now, and she has a good home. I cannot wait to see what other adventures I have with her.

For all of you dog people out there, it is highly probable there will be more posts about Harper in the future.

*Note from Harper: “Hiiii, hoomans! Thank u for reeding my purson’s blog. I think she iz a good riter, but I do not reed good, so who noze for shur? Get used to reeding about me. I am her favurite. I luuuvvv all of u!”

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