My take on reading (Part I)

On Fridays (this week on a Saturday) I will choose a topic on which to give my take. Take being a nice word for opinion. I will simply share my thoughts on whatever random topic comes to mind. I look forward to seeing where this section leads us.

I have always loved reading. I’ve never been a fast reader, but I am content to spend inordinate amounts of time alone with a book.

There was only one assigned book I didn’t read during my school career. I procrastinated on the project for the book to a point where I had to fly by the seat of my pants, without, of course, reading the book. 

The book was Catch-22. Ironically, I was probably a little manic while doing the project because I had several nights with little sleep that week. Everyone in the class read a different book, and then we were supposed to create a Myspace page with the book as inspiration. 

I skimmed through Catch-22 and gleaned that it’s a book about people who are either legitimately insane, or people who act like they are insane to get out of flying bombers for the military during, what is to them, a pointless war. I, of course, did not know that I was bipolar, but I easily captured the essence of insanity by my rambling posts I put on the Myspace. I received a 95 for the project.

Anyways, after graduating high school, I largely took a break from fiction, though I’m not sure why. I read heady psychology books and books about economics instead. There were a few Christian-fiction books I read while I was in college, but I discovered those books were mindless and poorly written after I graduated.

I got a job straight out of college, and I befriended a coworker who is also an avid reader. Once we got to know each other, we became fast friends (if I refer to a friend in this blog, the chances are I’m referring to her). A few months later, she convinced me to read the Game of Thrones books, and she encouraged me to try to read more fiction.

I can only shake my head about why I was content without fiction for so long. I immediately fell back in love with it. As an added bonus, I was reading more books because I can read fiction much faster than I can nonfiction.

I started with the classics. I fell in love with Eleanor from Sense and Sensibility; she has to be one of the strongest, yet most humble, characters in all of fiction. She is steadfast and patient, almost to a fault. I am absolutely nothing like her, but boy, do I aspire to be as mature and as quick to put others ahead of myself. 

I simultaneously grew to hate her younger sister. I had forgotten how it felt to feel passionately about completely fictional characters! Oh, how Austen moved me. I could barely contain my feelings about her book. I wrote long texts to friends about it; texts that would have made my English teachers proud. I want to read Sense and Sensibility again as I write about it.

I was quickly hooked on fiction and took my friends advice to read the Game of Thrones series. He is the master of storytelling and character development. In my book, he is better than J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien (maybe because he has a first name….? Just kidding). 

The Harry Potter books are amazing, but Rowling has a few annoying writing ticks for which I dock her some points. Can you say, “Than ever…”?*eye roll*

Martin has a ways of making you loathe characters with all of your being (which isn’t necessarily a special talent in and of itself), but within a few chapters, he can turn your disdain into some semblance of fondness for that same character. Loveless characters who have done abhorrent acts throughout his books suddenly become your favorite and it’s sick and twisted what Martin does to his readers’s minds (don’t even get me started on how he kills everyone).

And the way Martin ties all of his characters’s stories together. *swoon* He is flawless….well, except he WON’T FINISH THE NEXT BOOK!! *eye twitch*

Rediscovering my affinity for fiction has also planted a little seed of an idea in my head that I may be able to write a book of my own someday. I am actually going to a writer’s conference this weekend, and I am hoping to learn a lot about myself and the gratifying, yet sometimes infuriating, hobby that is writing.

2 Replies to “My take on reading (Part I)”

  1. Martin is easily the best story writer I’ve ever read. His writing makes the annihilation of his characters and the toying of your emotions bearable. He’s one of the few writers that has left me in complete awe.


    1. Agreed. Lots of “holy hell!” moments. He’s the master of twists and tying in events you thought were insignificant and random. You’ve watched the show all the way through, but you haven’t read all of the books. Let me tell you, his awe-worthy moments continue and may become even more impressive.

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