The faux book club

Last month, my best friend, who has this brilliant book blog, had the brilliant idea to start what she has dubbed a faux bookclub (I think faux may need to be italicized ‘cause it’s French, which means it’s fancy). 

What the heck is a faux bookclub?? 

I’m glad you asked. The top definition of faux is “made in imitation.” Our bookclub involves books, but not it does not follow the typical format.

In traditional bookclubs, a gaggle of women all pick a book, read it, and then get together to talk about said book. 


Not really, this actually sounds like fun with the right book. 

Our faux bookclub will be comprised of two people, plus any dogs that happen to be present. And guess what we will do! 

We will read. 

That’s it. Just sit in silence and read. 

The same book?

Nope. Different books. 

Will you talk about your books?

I can see myself sharing a funny or insightful passage if I stumble upon one, but other than that, no. 

And you can be content just reading without any talking?

Ummm. Is this a trick question?

Silence is grossly underrated. It is often erroneously assumed people have to be talking to enjoy spending time with each other. 

Au contraire! (Also French, by the way.)

Being an introvert, silence is one of my favorite things. Finding a friend who is similarly satisfied with silence is surely something special. Alliteration for the win! *high fives self *

We will of course talk and socialize for a few minutes at the front end, but the bulk of our time will be spent lost in separate books. There will also be yummy snacks, so sustenance requirements will be met. 

We had our first meeting a couple of weeks ago, and it was incredibly refreshing and relaxing. 

I was not surprised it was a success, I have done similar things with my parents. 

I actually had the idea for this kind of club before my friend, but I didn’t share it because I figured she would think it odd. Maybe it is odd, but I think it’s cool that our friendship has reached a level where we can get together and just be. 

No agenda other than reading and enjoying separate books. 

I obviously think it’s pretty cool, and when both parties respect the concept and are able to follow through on the idea, it is quiet fun; without the burden of an itinerary.

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