Number affinities and aversions

I have a weird thing about numbers.

  1. I love odd numbers, especially prime numbers.
  2. I do not like even numbers (except 2 because it is prime).
  3. 24 is my least favorite number because it is a factor whore. Everything goes into 24 (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24). I also dislike most multiples of 24 (48, 72, 96, etc.).
  4. 21 is my favorite number. It is the day of the month I was born.
  5. I like the numbers 3 and 7 because they are factors of 21.
  6. I rarely set my alarm for the same exact time every night. And I usually choose an odd number that doesn’t end in 5. After I choose a time, I see if it can be divided by 3 (add up all the digits and see if it’s a multiple of 3). For example 4:11 would add up to 6, which means 411 is divisible by 3 (answer: 137). It doesn’t really matter one way or the other to me if it is divisible by 3, but I like to check. If it isn’t divisible by 3, I wonder if it is a prime number.
  7. If I see a big number, and it is odd, I do the divisible by 3 trick, and if it cannot be divided by 3, I’ll sometimes Google it to see if it is prime. I did this with my Dallas half-marathon bib number, and turns out it was prime. I was so excited! I texted four or five of my friends to tell them the good news.
  8. I do not like the number 8 because it is even and symmetrical.
  9. When making lists, I try to end on an odd number, and preferably a prime number. However, nine is plenty of things to show how eccentric I am with numbers.

I think I’ve always had most of these number idiosyncrasies.

21 has always been my favorite number, and it was my number in basketball during high school.

3 has been one of my favorites for a long time because my dad played baseball in an adult league and had that number; I also chose it to be my number in softball in high school.

Unfortunately, my number in volleyball was 8, but that’s okay.

My ardor for prime numbers is relatively new, and I’m not sure from whence it came. Prime numbers are fascinating (numbers that are divisible only by themselves and 1), and it is amazing how big prime numbers can be. There is no “highest prime number” because they go on and on and on.

Obviously, my list of quirks is completely pointless, but I think it’s kind of funny, although, I am slightly obsessive compulsive about numbers. It isn’t debilitating by any means, but I’ve never shared some of these oddities with anyone, for fear of being looked at like I’m crazy.

Do you have weird quirks about anything?

2 Replies to “Number affinities and aversions”

  1. I’m kind of odd in general, but no major specific quirks that I can think of. My best friend is by far the most quirky/superstitious person I know. None of the quirks make any sense, but it makes it very easy to tease him.

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