It’s only fitting…

I have named my blog “Between Two Poles” to be somewhat ironic. I do not feel as if I live between two poles; I feel as if I swing from one pole to the other like a pendulum—never stopping at one for long, then thrown back to the other side. How fast I go is always a fun surprise(!).

Everyone experiences mood swings. But, most people have thresholds for their moods that are relatively close together; the swings are noticeable, but they aren’t devastatingly extreme. I, however, am certifiable (it says so on my resume). The thresholds for my moods are eons apart. I can’t even wave to one when I am at the other.

But what are the thresholds of which I speak? At the top, you have mania. And at the bottom you have depression. The duo of mania and depression are exclusive to people with what used to be called manic-depressive disorder. Now, it’s more commonly known as bipolar disorder.

Yes, I am bipolar. And honestly, I feel sorry for you poor suckers who don’t have the joys of MANIA. There is a lot of stigma surrounding this illness (and mental illnesses in general), but I feel a calling to help people understand bipolar disorder better. I will definitely use humor—almost always self-deprecating—and I hope I can make even a small difference in how people view this beautiful illness.

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