Depression is darkness. An absence of all things good.

Nothing looks, sounds, or feels right.

There is no relief; there is only pain.

When someone asks what hurts, the only accurate answer is, “Everything.”

It’s impossible to articulate the hole depression leaves in your soul. You do not feel whole or worthy.

There is no future with depression. Conjuring thoughts beyond the moment—unless they are thoughts of impending doom and death—is impossible.

Nothing matters in the midst of a depression, least of all your life.

Why do I even exist?

Is life really worth it?

Will I ever stop suffering?

People who haven’t experienced depression are typically uncomfortable talking about it. People don’t understand the realities of depression.

They think it is simply sadness or a lack of happiness; that people can get over it if they really want to.

Depression is more nefarious than that, though.

The will to live is gone. Life is the epitome of anguish, and there is no end in sight.

People are often ashamed of their depression, so they are not open about it. When they are around others, they are often the people who smile the brightest and tell the funniest jokes.

Out of desperation to appear normal, depression can go unnoticed if people do not probe deeper into their friend’s well-being.

This makes isolation equal parts soothing and dangerous. When in the throes of depression, it is hard to be around people because of the brave face that has to be donned. Depression in itself is exhausting, and having to fake being okay makes it infinitely worse.

Seclusion is appealing, but it also allows the misery to fester and flourish. There’s a downward spiral, and it’s easier to hitch the free ride down to the depths of despair than it is to fight for freedom from hopelessness.

Depression is full of deceit and lies.

“You will never be good enough.”

“Your life is pointless.”

“You are not loved.”

“No one cares about you.”

“You are alone, and you will always be misunderstood.”

Depression guides us into blackness, bleakness.

Depression distracts our minds from feeling genuine pleasure, experiencing the goodness of life.

Depression encourages separateness, loneliness, incarceration.

Depression binds us and gags us and beats us.

Depression knows not mercy.

Pulling ourselves from the clutches of depression feels impossible.

But it isn’t.

It is important to remember and believe in your own value and worth.

“You are enough.”

“Your life has meaning.”

“You are loved.”

“You are cared for.”

“You are not alone, and your feelings are valid.”

Surrounding yourself with people who remind you of these truths is vital, but you have to believe it deep down in your core.

There is nothing shameful about depression.

However, you cannot submit to it and let it rule your life.

Deliberate exertion is required to extricate yourself from depression’s defamations.

Wallowing in wretchedness hinders your potential for meaning and wholeness.

Fight depression with everything you have.

Your life has meaning.

And there is hope.

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